Position to Win Episode 0001: Introduction to Position to Win

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  1. Summary.
    4:20 – Purpose of the podcast. Avoid rookie mistakes
    7:00 – About franchises
    11:00 – About google+
    12:40 – Ideas about positioning
    15:00 – The problem of cognition. “What I should pay attention to?”
    17:20 – The solution we arrive. Hierarchies (In a hierarchies exist a bottom and a top. The top is the most visible position)
    18:00 – Battle of frameworks: Hierarchical VS Utilitarian. “If I do it better people will pay attention to me” MYTH.
    19:00 – Simplest way to understand positioning. Examples of kids
    20:10 – Humans are REYECTING machines
    20:10 – “NO” is a double-edged sword. Positioning is to know how the biases map that exist in your mind looks like. “Positioning is also what you find objectionable”
    25:35 – The #1 reason to understand positioning: “Is the real framework that people use to categorize, sift and sort the things that matter to them. How they do it” Now is more important than ever. There is too much noise.
    29:40 – Chickens, pianos, virtuoso.
    31:00 “Never eat a chicken you haven’t seen alive” Paul’s grandmother wisdom
    34:00 Gabe. Former musician pivot to marketing. “We all are in the attention business”. Positioning is all around us. How to get people’s attention!? Placing where they cannot ignore you.
    36:10 – Play to win! Position your business!
    38:40 – High end theaters
    43:10 – “Your job should speak for you” MYTH. I’m going to be so good at it that everybody is going to recognize me. Van Gogh example. Picasso example.
    48:00 – The point of the podcast PTW is to make people aware of what positioning is and show people how they can affect their circumstances.
    52:00 – Wrap it up

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