Position to Win Episode 0003: Positioning Lessons in “The Avengers End Game”

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  1. Sonia says:

    I really like this conversation, I enjoy the dynamic between you both! a lot of good lessons

  2. PODCAST 3
    1:00 – Introduction to the topic. Avenger’s endgame
    4:40 – Cinemas complain about the length of the movie
    6:00 – Reasons to go. Escape and Shared experience
    10:00 – High score. People coming back to watch it again.
    12:00 – Google taking part of the movie
    13:00 – Positioning and the creation of fan atmosphere. “There is hardly a stronger positioning than creating a culture where everyone feel part of it” *IMPORTANT
    16:20 – Try to consciously create a position. Big and small picture
    18:00 – The process to create a positive environment. “Acceptance time” = time that humans need to get used to something. Diffusion of innovations.
    20:30 – Big lesson. How can you develop a shared experience?
    23:00 – Create shared events. Build an audience
    23:30 – Positioning is all about what is inside the costumer mind. Look outside
    25:00 – Is not about your idea. Is about what matters to the market.
    26:00 – DC comic trying to copy Marvel. BAD. “The second places is the first looser”
    29:00 – Why Vegas survive?
    31:00 – The origin of PTW. “Positioning – The battle for your mind” READ IT!
    32:30 – The adoption curve.
    33:00 – Green fields. “You have an unlimited opportunity to innovate in marketing and sales”
    36:30 – BLAND REPORT: Looking at failures instead of success.
    40:20 – Client case:
    43:10 – PROBLEM: The logistical aspect of transitions.
    51:20 – “Hope for the best but plan for the worst” – Charles Munger.
    56:00 – Wrap up.

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