Position to Win Episode 0005: Attending the F8 Facebook Developers Conference

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  1. Fritz Diego Virhuez Leon says:

    Summary 5
    1:10 – F8 = The latest developer conference for Facebook.
    2:00 – What happen to Gabe in the conference. Mark Zuckerberg key speech
    4:20 – The main thing. PRIVACY.
    5:10 – Facebook groups. Connecting people with similar interest. Problems with the newsfeed.
    6:00 – “We are taking down the hateful things” But who decides that?
    7:00 – Between the black and white is the problem. The gray area. What is “hateful” exactly?
    7:30 – What is Facebook doing to deal with this? Lose engagement. Facebook was optimize be clickbait heaven. Political blowback
    8:12 – Mark wants to dump the whole thing altogether. The newsfeed is just too complicated.
    8:50 – About groups with health concern. To maintain anonymity now is possible to post in incognito.
    10:00 – Gabe’s recommendations to business. Stay aware of the new media. YOU HAVE TO BE THERE.
    12:50 – Is about the expectation of the market. That is positioning.
    14:00 – There is a lot to do with the Facebook groups. They became a database
    15:00 – How to adapt this new environment. Strategy for growing the group.
    16:10 – How this group sift people and help you find true believers.
    18:30 – About Facebook and advertising. Gabe confirms that Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook are the same.
    21:00 – Oculus, virtual reality set.
    22:30 – Where is the section for the adds? They don’t want to talk about it…
    24:00 – Many people doesn’t like the position that they have. They don’t like the thing that makes them money…
    27:00 – How that related to each other. Facebook, WhatsApp, Oculus and Messenger. PTW bring this together.
    29:00 – Companies go away from their moneymaking. Ad revenue.
    31:00 – Positioning is the cornerstone for everything. Essential in the digital age.
    32:00 – PRIVACY. Don’t use the space between conversation to sell ads!
    33:50 – Facebook is going to blend the messenger platform, WhatsApp and DM from IG.
    35:50 – Consequence to the blend of platforms. No more people pleasing. More selling adds.
    36:40 – Chat bots. Automated decision trees.
    37:15 – The cherry of the conference. Messenger strategy will allow the customer service be handle automatically. From the users point of view. Problems solve at our convenience.
    39:15 – Live costumer service is a BIG THING
    47:00 – Companies need to get into this. Chat boots
    49:00 – Start to map out process. Paul’s advice to work through things.
    53:10 – Paul’s advice. Start now. “The sooner you get in a new learning curve the more utilization you are going to get out of it”
    53:40 – The reason to create PTW.
    55:50 – Is about getting your message out. Gabe wraps it up.
    57:00 – The reach of the adds hasn’t go down even when privacy has increase.

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