Position to Win Episode 0006: “Trash Talk” Waste Expo 2019

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  1. Fritz Diego Virhuez Leon says:

    Summary 6
    1:30 – Introduction
    3:20 – Waste expo
    5:00 – Shows are dying because of internet.
    6:00 – Before to go into a market. The best place to go is the water hole. GO WHERE THEY CONGREGATE. You can do positioning work in the shortest time.
    8:00 – Example of electrified fences. Looking for green fields.
    9:00 – Is important to immerge in that world. Give you new glasses.
    10:30 – You need to be an insider. You need to know the language they are talking about.
    12:00 – “Every business idea you are going to have is based upon an assumption that you see something anybody else sees. But you don’t have any empirical evidence for it”
    13:00 – second myth. “I’m right and the market is wrong”. This SUCKS
    13:50 – In conferences you can test!
    14:40 – Ask question tangentially to what you do to see what people say.
    15:00 – What to do before you get into a new market. EVERYBODY HAS A BIAS. You need and insider.
    16:00 – YOU NEED FEEDBACK FROM THE MARKET. VALIDATE YOUR IDEA. Otherwise is doom to fail. The Spirit guy is there for this reason.
    17:00 – Analogy from music and painting.
    19:30 – Spirit guy. A mentor. Someone who belongs to both worlds. This person will cut the learning curve.
    21:30 – When you find a green field but don’t find a bleeding neck.
    24:00 – Consequence. No bleeding neck then nobody worries about it.
    25:00 – The importance of a green field. Be aware that it is an empty land, that may be because is a dessert.
    26:26 – Crosspollination. 2 perspectives, the insider and the outsider.
    29:00 – Shows are an amazing way to do that. Go with an spirit guy but also alone. You need both perspectives.
    32:00 – Conscious abandonment. If there is no green field. Leave. Is this the hill where I want to die?
    33:20 – “No one ever fail to find the facts that they were looking for” – P. Drucker been quote by Gabe. CONFIRMATION BIAS.
    34:00 – Research a position is important but boring is not sexy.
    34:40 – Always be open to opportunities. A rant on being committed.
    37:50 – About the PTW program.
    40:00 – You need at least one positioning diagram. Is important to find who is FIRST. Doing this in events is way faster that do it from distance.
    41:30 – Avis and the strategy that made them millions. Acknowledge that they are the second, the underdog. “We try harder”
    43:30 – Idea of how to promote a Pickup in Texas by Paul Mendocha
    46:00 – You need to get inside of a congregation in order to get the most important information. Positions. You also need to document it. “The faintest ink is better than the stronger memory”
    48:00 – On the markets that Paul is looking for. You might find a green field, a bleeding neck but is too regulated is not possible to get in.
    50:00 – Look for the congregations points.
    53:00 – Be aware of the mindset of “I want to be the uber, amazon, facebook and apple fo my market”. TERRIBLE MINDSET.
    56:00 – About the PTW program.
    58:30 – Gabe’s on the research part of PTW. For investors or people looking for opportunity.

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