Position to Win Episode 0007: Agent 007: James Bond and Positioning

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  1. Fritz Diego Virhuez Leon says:

    Summary 7
    1:00 – Introduction.
    2:30 – About Fleming and the stories that he blend.
    4:00 – Gabe on the creation of myths.
    6:00 – About the name “James Bond” and positioning. Urban legends, etc
    9:30 – James bonds keeps going. Prove that they got right the positioning.
    11:00 – Expectation and how a “Bond” should be. Feeling it. Good Positioning.
    13:30 – Mendocha’s take on Gabe’s anecdote. If people take it serious something. If they develop their own opining. Good Positioning.
    16:00 – The situation is “How NOT ruin the franchise”
    18:00 – Kennedy was a James Bond fan. Stories about Flemming.
    20:20 – Notice how many times they repackage the film.
    21:20 – Some people exploit their position. Is not just about the characters. Is about how everything fits together. Like a formula.
    22:40 – The music is legendary. Who was the creator?
    25:50 – That create careers. Everyone in the vortex went up.
    27:40 – How Hollywood try to cling to the spy theme. They made money but didn’t last.
    28:50 – The lesson of 007. How everything fit together?
    29:40 – About PTW.
    34:00 – Paul’s story about 007. Paul is in a cruise to New Orleans. He find James Bond experts on them. They were making a living out of it.
    39:50 – The lesson. The details were important. They matter to the costumers.
    40:49 – If a fictional character can create a cult. This is a proof that POSITIONING work.
    42:00 – Take the PTW. There is the power.
    42:30 – About the book CASINO ROYALE. The 007 movie.
    43:00 – Gabe wraps it up.

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