Position to Win Episode 0008: Positioning All Around You

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  1. Fritz Diego Virhuez Leon says:

    Summary 8
    2:00 – Introduction. Positioning is all around you
    3:00 – The questions of the positioning test:
    1) Facial tissue. What is the first brand that pops up into your head?
    2) Japanese automobile manufacture. What is the first brand that pops up into your head?
    3) Soft cola drink. What is the first brand that pops up into your head?
    4:00 – People does not even think about it.
    5:00 – Positioning is all around us. The importance of being able to recognize it.
    6:10 – Paul’s anecdote on positioning.
    10:30 – Gabe’s examples of Positioning.
    13:00 – About origins of Gabe and the implication of being from Colombia. How he was positioned by that.
    15:00 – When someone ask for your country. They are trying to map you out. We are always doing it.
    18:00 – Paul’s anecdote about positioning. Cake section. Making a cake from a scratch… hahaha. Interesting example.
    20:30 – About PTW.
    28:40 – Why is important to see things different.
    29:45 – IMPORTANT insight. “The everybody knows. The nobody buys that”.
    33:50 – The inner relationship between things. How the adoption curve takes its time.
    35:20 – Answer to the positioning questions. New positioning questions: What are the resto of brands? The second, third and fourth?
    36:50 – Paul’s anecdote. Cigarette magazines. He was in the 3rd position. He didn’t make it. Bad Positioning.
    40:00 – About the other positioning question. How they go beyond personal interest.
    41:30 – Be asking the positioning questions. You will learn a lot.
    42:00 – About the cola. Coca Cola is the go to answer. How Pepsi try to outsell them. IMPOSIBLE.
    44:50 – Use every chance to check this question. Look how they react. The snap in their brains.
    45:50 – Gabe’s take on positioning. How this concepts applies to my life?
    50:00 – USE POSITIONING! Old political saying “You should always defined your enemy than yourself”

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