Position to Win Episode 0009: FreedomFest 2019, Las Vegas.

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  1. Fritz Diego Virhuez Leon says:

    Summary 9
    1:10 – News about PTW.
    1:40 – About what is “Freedom Fest”.
    2:30 – How they get to know about it. Frustration for the elections on EEUU. Paul talk about his political and economic tendencies.
    3:50 – It start trying to help Rand Paul.
    4:30 – Political bias. Is a different dynamic than the business arena.
    5:30 – Freedom Fest is a group of people who you can talk about everything. Politics, religion, etc.
    6:50 – Paul recognize that people in the political arena didn’t know about positioning!
    7:40 – Gabe talk about the kind of people go to Freedom Fest. Gold people, Bitcoin people. Even conservative. Everything in between.
    11:00 – About Alfred Hayek and freedom.
    11:44 – A film festival “the anthem film festival”. If you want to see libertarian people.
    12:20 – Gabe’s take on conferences that are out of the things that he does. Is important to him be open to different worlds.
    13:20 – Difficult to draw the line between politics and economics.
    14:50 – Paul talks about the conferences. Great place to meet amazing people.
    15:27 – Example. Paul study people during the elections.
    16:25 – 2015 Donald Trump comes to Freedom Fest.
    17:30 – Detractors of Trump were following him and asking questions.
    18:13 – Broke the rules of public speaking.
    19:00 – After that Paul bet that Trump will win the presidency.
    20:00 – You get to meet interesting people.
    21:00 – Great place for discussion.
    23:00 – People asked about Pol Pot, Auschwitz, etc. People is missing out the things that happen during human development.
    24:00 – Listen to people who doesn’t think like you. You are not right about everything.
    26:00 – Find people who share your particular view as well.
    27:20 – Great event to meet authors. Other reason why Paul loves be in Freedom Fest. Dennis Hof from “Bunny Ranch” talked there.
    32:00 – Glenn beck is going to be there. A lot of cool people.
    33:50 – About PTW. Gabe and Paul were there for a special reason.
    35:40 – About real biographies.
    37:40 – Relationship between Positioning and Freedom Fest. Be challenged and comforted will shape you. That will give you a position. That will give a sharp edge. IMPORTANT
    40:30 – Gabe wraps up. Interesting rant on the book “The Boy Crisis” and what is important about history. “The lesson is how assure are to be in the right side?”
    44:48 – Paul finished it.

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