Position to Win Episode 0012: Positioning Statement. Position to Win for Investors.

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  1. Summary Podcast 12
    4:10 – Can we use PTW as a marketing analysis tool for investing?
    6:40 – John Mackey from “Whole Foods” makes an IMPORTANT QUESTION. What is the costumer acquisition? What is the cost to acquire a costumer?
    8:00 – Start with a position! The question of cost acquisition is three steps forward.
    8:30 – Positioning WORKS for investing! Maybe Paul and Gabe write a book about it.
    8:50 – “We are emotional creatures that happen to, under certain conditions, use logic. Generally to justify whatever emotional decision we made”
    10:40 – Every company must have a Positioning statement. This is not a USP. Practical example from Paul’s experience. “Baking the perfect potato”
    13:50 – Question during Freedom fest. What is your position?
    15:00 – Cigarette magazines. The company had the THIRD position. They did not make it.
    16:20 – If you do not have an answer for the positioning question… You are lost! You already fail!
    17:00 – The problem with creating something out of nothing. The new invention. Did you thought about the context in which idea, product or service is deploy in and how it will be absorb and adapt to the market? IMPORTANT!
    20:00 – Example in which a company left the thing that make it unique.
    21:20 – Mario Puzo. Spending money example.
    23:00 – Nabisco and their real market.
    27:40 – The USE case. The positioning case. People don’t buy a Rolex because they need to check the time.
    29:50 – What the positioning statement is. IMPORTANT!
    How is this thing going to do? And why, in the context of the market, is going to work?
    Avoid business with people who cannot answer those questions.
    31:10 – How having a clear positioning statement is just the beginning. Next, where do you fit in the adoption curve?
    32:00 – Disqualification. A process design by Paul to get rid of the losers
    33:00 – Avoid being BAMBOOZLED BY BS. Meaningless chattering.
    34:40 – There is no way to predict the future. But you increase your chances using PTW to analyze the market.
    35:00 – Is about filtrate options.

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