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    About John Paul Mendocha

    Dr. Speedselling™

    John Paul Speaking at Google Adwords Guru Perry Marshall’s Seminar in Austin in 2012
    Instead of going to college, I spent 4 years in Las Vegas learning how to win and discovering how people really are—especially about money.

    For the last 34 years, I’ve either been the #1 sales guy or helped CEOs and sales teams win deals and close more business. Technology companies with a complex sales process are my specialty, but I help all kinds of businesses.

    ♦ Turnarounds – Stop the bleeding, clean out the deadwood, improve top and bottom line, and survive the storm. 
    ♦ Sales Process – Find the baseline cycle to sell the product. Compress the sales cycle and cut sales labor.
    ♦ Messaging – Create precise, authentic, believable messages to position your products.
    ♦ Strategy – Build or improve the overarching plan to realize your business goals and attack your market.
    ♦ Problem Solving – Make the right decisions to solve your business problems.

    About Gabe Bautista

    “Facebook Fracker”

    Gabe at Facebook Headquarters in Silicon Valley while Attending the Facebook Developers Conference F8 in 2019

    After years of working with internet tools and paid traffic, working for Marketing Agencies and then eventually going out on my own. Eventually I was able to blend my knowledge of the Digital World with Business Turnaround concepts that affect the whole flow of the sales process, not just lead generation.

    ♦ Turnarounds – I have successfully implemented the rapid innovations taking place in the digital space to business turnaround environments which have resulted in real increased revenue.
    ♦ Systems – What are the digital integrations that will automate and reduce friction in business systems? From CRM to automated marketing.
    ♦ Strategy – Strategy is a favorite word among consultants but most don’t really talk about strategy at best they talk about a series disjointed tactics that almost never relate to the real goals of the business. That is not strategy. Strategy means we define what we need to do in detail so that every step, every tactic, every tool is aimed at the goals and support the digital strategy.